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Did you know

that globally on Spotify, podcast consumption hours have increased by over 250% year on year.

And 49% of millennial Spotify users listen to podcasts at least once a week.

Want to record a podcast, but don't have the equipment or technical know-how?

The podcast studio at Podcast FactoryStudios lets just about anyone record and manage their own shows.

We think it’s great that podcasting has given individuals, groups and brands the power to grow, engage, communicate with audiences all over the world. Nothing makes us happier than making a great podcast, nothing makes us more upset than a badly made one…. or worse an idea for a podcast that never sees the light of day.

At Podcast Factory Studios, we love making podcasts.

Pop along by yourself or invite up to 3 guests to record and manage your shows with our purpose built podcast studio. If you get stuck and need a hand, then we’ve got an audio nerd close by to help you run your podcasts.


Our experienced team will always be on set directing you and your guests to get the best possible final  product.


Engage with your audience visually and through sound.

Our podcast studio is equipped with HD quality cameras so you can capture and release a video podcast/vodcasts.


The studio comes equipped with microphones, mixer and headphones for a three person podcast.

Additional microphones can be added at an extra fee. Just bring yourself down and record!


- Full high end audio production 

- HD Muti-Cam production 

- Remote location recording available

- Live or recorded shows

- Online Courses

- YouTube Content 

Live Streaming 

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